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Interior Design for Senior Citizens

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People Desiring Green Interior Design

Welcome to Tadbir Dream Homes, Inc.

Professional Green Interior Design

for a truly sustainable lifestyle

People want to be offered interior design services that support sustainable green lifestyle choices. TDH will offer a consultancy that provides a unique set of dedicated green engineering interior design techniques for the ultimate Canadian interior design experience.

The beauty of this knowledge-intensive Business Startup is that it

Serves Humanity

Relies on the existing proprietary green interior design techniques of Tadbir for launch

And, Future Developments Will Require Only for Tadbir to Have Access to Continued Funding

Our Services

What Exactly We Do?

• We present proprietary, innovative, dedicated green interior design for homes and offices.
• We are an interior design consultancy specializing in proprietary green interior design services.

Our Staff

Who We Are?

As a Startup Business Investor, Nima Tadbir’s role will be that of President & CEO of Tadbir Dream Homes, Inc. In that capacity, responsibilities include defining and implementing TDH goals, policies, and procedures, as well as ensuring accountability for these. The CEO will also be responsible for managing the execution, direction, and coordination of all operational matters within the organization. This includes oversight of budget management, schedules, planning, sales, legal compliance, and personnel matters. One of Nima Tadbir’s priorities will be a new focus on business development and the ability to provide new interior design for Canadian clients.

Our Highlights

Quality Standards

TDH is a provider for innovative green interior design allowing improved quality of life for truly sustainable lifestyle choices – the first service of its kind.

Home Interior With Open Plan Kitchen And Dining Area

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TDH is dedicated to ensuring only the highest quality interior design services for clients.

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